Dreams and Visions

Following are a number of Visions and Dreams the Lord has given me in the last few years. I am sharing them out of obedience to the Lord. The time has come for God's people to be told what may soon come upon this nation and the whole world. I have received many other dreams and visions which are personal or I am not at liberty to share right now. I believe events are going to begin to unfold in the next several years that will strike fear in the hearts of the strongest of men. We are in a time where: 1. God's children need to turn to the Lord with all of their hearts, mind and soul by taking this time we now have to prepare spiritually and get our house in order and 2. Intercede to God that He may grant us more time to do His work on this earth.

I would like to stress the fact that any and all of these visions and dreams the Lord has given me can be averted or postponed through sincere humbling and repentance on the part of God's people. There are many instances in the Bible where this happened (Example: Jonah and Ninevah-Book of Jonah; Isaiah & King Hezekiah 2 Kings 20:1-7). The Lord does not delight in judgment, and delays them as much as possible. Whenever they come, they are always redemptive in purpose. As you read on, may the Lord grant you the spirit of wisdom to receive His word.

In Christ Jesus,
Augusto Perez

Date: 2/09/09
Title: Terrorist Act

Date: 1/29/09
Title: Super De-Evaluation of the U.S. Dollar

Title: Time to come into Alignment

Date: 3/29/08
Title: Explosions in U.S. Cities

Title: The Coming cloud of glory

Date: 1/04/07
Title:Do You Know What Time it Is?

Date: 10/11/06
Title: The Empty Grocery Shelves
Date: 6/28/06
Title: The Pole Shift (Night Vision)

Date: 1/20/06
Title: The Year of Double Portion (Prophetic Word)

Date: 12/29/05
Title: The Tsunami (Night Vision)

Date: 2/9/05
Title: The City of Chicago Destroyed

Date: 10/24/04
Title: The Silver Rain

Date: 3/30/04
Title:The Three Stars (Night Vision)

Date: 9/06/01
Title: The Great Shaking (Night Vision)

Date: 10/25/00
Title: The Fat Cow and the Skeletal Cow (Night Vision)