The Year of The Double Portion

When I was in Honduras earlier this year, the Lord gave me a prophetic word for the body of Christ concerning this year 2006:
“This is a year when you need to intercede for this nation and for this president as never before”. I believe the decisions facing the president and this nation in the next few weeks are crucial. There are angels right now, looking over cities that are about to experience a glorious visitation from the Lord, as well as those that are about to experience serious judgment. I have also had a vision of the president that has led me to believe that the president’s life is in danger, and needs our prayer like never before.

“This is going to be a year of double portion; for good but also for judgment.” There is going to be a double portion of darkness, as well as light; sorrow as well as gladness; blindness as well as revelation and judgment as well as glorious visitation from God. The Lord has given me several visions concerning this nation and the world in general that have led me to believe that this will be a year of major disasters, but also the beginning of a mighty outpouring of His Spirit. Many churches and ministries will be making major decisions this year, which will decide what direction they will go. This is a year when many ministries, churches, cities and nations are going to be defined based on what they do. Let’s choose wisely because our decisions will affect us, as well as those around us.

“This is going to be a year of double portion testing, because many are now about ready to cross over their Jordan and receive their double portion blessing, and the enemy will resist mightily” Disobedience or the refusal to loose our lives for Christ will forfeit that which our hearts desire. We are in a time where if you refuse to obey God, and forsake that which you know you should, will cause you to loose big time. If you look back, turn back or go back, you are going to take yourself out of the double portion blessing He is trying to pour on you, and bring you into the harms way that He is trying to pull you out of.

“This is going to be a year of double portion warfare, and my people need to be trained and prepared on how to wage war in the spirit”. Because of the escalation of warfare between the kingdom of God and the kingdom of darkness, God’s people will need to be trained like never before in the art of conducting intercessory prayer and spiritual warfare. There will be personal attacks and persecution on God’s people from those you least expect, and fights and violence (wars) breaking out everywhere in the world for no apparent reason.

“This is going to be a year of double portion because it is related to the coming of Elijah before the Day of the Lord”. Elijah has always been closely identified with the double portion. Starting this spring, we will begin to experience this as a few scattered raindrops; but this is only the beginning of the coming outpouring. May the Lord grant us the spirit of wisdom to receive His word.