Dreams and Visions

Job 33:14-16:  "For God speaks once, yea twice, yet man perceives it not. In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falls upon men, in slumberings upon the bed; Then he opens the ears of men, and seals their instruction."

"Strange Weather Going On Around World"  (2)


Following are a number of Visions and Dreams the Lord has given me in the last several years. I am sharing them out of obedience to the Lord. The time has come for God's people to be told what may soon come upon this nation and the whole world. I have received many other dreams and visions which are personal or I am not at liberty to share right now.  I say this with all humility; in the past 20 years, not one of the dreams & visions the LORD has given me has fallen to the ground.  Not only are they backed by the Word of God, but many of them have already begun to come to pass and confirmed by supernatural signs & wonders in the natural realm.

Events are going to begin to unfold in the next several years that will strike fear in the hearts of the strongest of men.  We are entering The End of Times.  We are entering a time where:

1. God's children need to turn to the Lord with all of their hearts, mind and soul by taking this time we now have to prepare spiritually and get our house in order.

2. We need to Intercede to Father that He may grant us more time that we may finish His work on this earth.

     I would like to stress the fact that any and all of these visions and dreams the LORD has given me can either be averted, postponed or lessened through sincere humbling and repentance on the part of God's people. There are many instances in the Bible where this happened (Example: Jonah and Nineveh-Book of Jonah; Isaiah & King Hezekiah 2 Kings 20:1-7).  The Lord does not delight in judgment, and delays them as much as possible. Whenever they come, they are always redemptive in purpose.  As these horrific things begin to come to pass, God's elect will be protected through the supernatural intervention of angels.  As you read on, may the Lord grant you the spirit of wisdom to receive His word.

Update:  Many of these visions and dreams are now beginning to come to pass very quickly.  We have posted at least a couple of Confirmations for each Vision/Dream that has come to pass, fulfilling the pre-requisite in (Mathew 18:16; 2 Corinthians 13:1).  For each confirmation there are many more available if you take the time to do the research.  The Day of the Lord is now upon us.  It is time to repent from your sins and get right with God.  You may go to our Salvation Page where we have many free resources to help you.  Our redemption is drawing near. 


Augusto Perez



Date: 10/5/2015 - Guayaquil Tsunami

Date: 6/5/2015 - A Word From the Throne *

Date: 3/26/2015 - Gross Darkness Falls

Date: 12/23/2014 - 2 Celestial Objects Collide In Space  Confirmation  (Ominous Signs Are Appearing)

Strange Moon Like Object Seen In South Carolina Skies (2/20/2015)

Close Call: Star Whizzed Past Our Solar System at a Distance of a Light Year (2/18/2015)

Super Bowl 2015 Game Day Mophie Commercial (2/1/2015) (Planet X Foreshadowing)

Astronomers Say Two Unknown Planets May Lurk Beyond Pluto (1/16/2015)  (2)

Super Earth Alien Planet Spotted By Ground Based Telescope For First Time (12/14/2014) 

Sibling Sun Found 110 Light Years Away (5/11/2014)

Unknown Celestial Object Seen In Neumayer Station (1/22/2014)

Celetial Object Sightings in Different Parts of the World (11/7/2012)

Celestial Object Seen In Neumayer Station (2/27/2012)

Date:  11/22/2014 - Pandemics, Forced Vaccinations & Martial Law Confirmation

American Medical Association Announces New Mandatory Vaccine Policy (6/9/2015)

Doctor's Lobby Calls For Mandatory Vaccinations (6/4/2015)

Vermont Senate Supports Ending Philosophical Exemption to Vaccines (4/22/2015)

Adults Targeted As Federal Government Prepares to Track the Unvaccinated (3/18/2015)

Bill Now In Congress To Remove Vaccine Waivers (2/10/2015)

Date:  10/14/2014 - Celestial Object (Update)  Confirmation

Planet X Sighting (10/12/2015)

Strange Moon Like Object Seen In South Carolina Skies (2/20/2015)

Two More Planets In Our Solar System; Say Astronomers (1/28/2015)

Super Earth Alien Planet Spotted By Ground Based Telescope For First Time (12/14/2014) 

Sibling Sun Found 110 Light Years Away (5/11/2014)

Unknown Celestial Object Seen In Neumayer Station (1/22/2014)

Celestial Object Sightings in Different Parts of the World (11/7/2012)

Celestial Object Seen In Neumayer Station (2/27/2012)

Date:  6/17/2014 - The Melchisedec Priesthood *

Date:  5/27/2014 - Skies Turn Red

Date:  4/27/2014 - Revival In Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Date:  4/1/2014 - Major Floods In Atlanta  Confirmation

Storms Produce Flooding in Parts of Metro Atlanta (6/9/2015)

Torrential Rainstorms Passing Through Atlanta Wreaked Havoc in Parts of the City (6/1/2015) 

Heavy Rains Shut Down Roads in Metro Atlanta (5/31/2015)  (2)

Flood Waters Rise in Atlanta (5/31/2015)

Date:  1/7/2014 - Tyranny Coming To America  Confirmation

Jade Helm Military Training Exercise Prep For Martial Law, WW3 (3/20/2015)

Jade Helm Martial Law WW3 Prep Document 1 (3/2015) 

Congress Pushes Obama Backed National Biometric ID For Americans (3/26/2015)

Rev. Graham: "Obama, Holder Pushing A New Antichrist Morality Movement" (3/11/2015)

666 Microchipping Has Begun (3/6/2015)

NBC News: "All Americans Will Be Microchipped In Less Than 3 Years" (1/3/2015)

Kissinger Admits Plan For New World Order (8/29/2014)

October 2015 - The End Of Swipe And Sign Credit Card (2/6/2014)

Date: 12/20/2013 - War in The Middle East  Confirmation 

Saudi Arabia Building Up Military Near Yemen Border (3/24/2015)

Iran Unveils Surface To Surface Missiles (3/10/2015)

Israel Orders Ground Offensive In Gaza; Heavy Shelling On Border (7/17/2014)

Israel Struck From Syria (7/14/2014)

Israel Calls Up 1,500 Troops As War Against Gaza Escalates (7/7/2014)  (2)

Regional War Swallowing The Middle East (7/1/2014)

ISIS Threats To Kingdom Of Jordan May Require US & Israeli Troops (6/30/2014)

Israel Could Get Dragged Into ISIS's War, Obama Administration Warns (6/27/2014)

The Middle East's Own 30 Year War Has Just Begun (6/17/2014)

ISIS Rampages, The Middle East Shakes (6/12/2014)

Is the Middle East On The Verge Of War? (5/19/2014)

Israel Defense Minister: "Iran Can Break Out To Nuclear Weapons Very Quickly" (5/19/2014)

Date:  10/20/2013 - Tsunami Hits Miami

Date:  10/3/2013 - A Strange Dream  Confirmation  (Food For Thought)

The United States Is Still A British Colony 8/17/1996

Date:  9/26/2013 - A Groan From The Throne  (Strong word from the LORD)

Date:  9/16/2013 - Norway "Beware"  Confirmation  (Ominous Signs Beginning to Appear)

7.1 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Northern Mid Atlantic Ridge (2/14/2015)

Sea Froze So Fast in Norway Bay It Killed Thousands Of Fish Instantly (1/13/2014)

80 Earthquakes In Iceland In One Night 10/13/2013

4.5 Moderate Earthquake Hits Norwegian Sea 10/8/2013

Date:  7/10/2013 - The Midnight Sun  Confirmation

Hercolubus The Red Planet Approaches Again (4/3/2014)

2nd Sun Seen In Neumayer Station South Pole (1/21/2014)

Two Suns Seen Over Mexico 1/20/2014)

Two Suns Seen Over Hawaii (6/28/2013)

Date:  5/23/2013 - Big Brother Is Coming - "Update"   Confirmation

Biometric Banking, Voice Verification and Facial Recognition Technology: Future of Security (10/11/2015)

Inside First Internet Bank's Eyeprint ID (9/3/2015)

Biometrics Testing at US/Mexico Border (8/29/2015)

NBC News: "All Americans Will Be Microchipped In Less than 3 Years" (1/3/2015)

Will That Be Cash, Credit, Fingerprint or Iris Scan? (1/2/2015)

Apps Collecting Information About You Everyday (12/30/2014)

Nine Technologies That Will Soon Be Inside You (10/19/2014)

Something Transhuman This Way Comes (5/21/2014)

Engineers At Stanford Invent Wireless Power Transfer For Human Implantable RFID Chip (5/19/2014)

Bank Of America Anticipates Biometric ID With ATM Security (11/13/2013)

US Homeland Security To Test BOSS Facial Recognition System (9/20/2013)

Iris ID Systems Introduces Iris Access iCAMD1000 (9/16/2013) 

Apple iPhone Pushes Biometrics Into Mainstream (9/12/2013)

Date:  3/19/2013 - The Time Of Reckoning  Confirmation

Strange New 2014 Addition to Georgia Guidestones (9/23/2014)

Date:  3/12/2013 - Word From The LORD *

Date:  3/5/2013 - The Death Star  Confirmation *

Scientists Have Found Evidence of a Death Star Vaporizing a Planet (10/22/2015)

The 'PORT' Hackathon Pushes Humanitarian Technology Forward (10/21/2015) (2)  (3)

The 'PORT' Hackathon at CERN and Campus Biotech (10/4/2015) (2)  (3)  (4)

Death Star Weapon is Here; Japan Fires Most Powerful Laser (7/30/2015)

Death Star Laser Weapon to Protect G-7 Summit (6/26/2015)

Pentagon Sponsored Researchers Developing Super Lasers, Weather Control (4/19/2014)

Petawatt "Death Star" Laser Prepares To Investigate Quantum Mechanics (February 10/2014)

Construction Planned for Super Laser More Powerful Than The Sun (2/3/2014)

How to Build Your Own Death Star (11/7/2013)

Imperial Death Star Manual (11/7/2013)

Death Star: A Space Laser Designed To Vaporize Dangerous Objects (7/22/2013)

No Death Star For The US, White House Says (1/14/2013)

Date: 3/3/13 - Power Blackout

Date: 12/3/2012 - Update: Wormwood Appears With 2 Other Objects  Confirmation (2nd Sun now being seen with filter)

Planet X Sighting (10/12/2015)

Close Call: Star Whizzed Past Our Solar System at a Distance of a Light Year (2/18/2015)

Super Earth Alien Planet Spotted By Ground Based Telescope For First Time (12/14/2014) 

Rivers Turning Blood Red All Over The World (4/30/2014) (Exodus 7:20-21)

Scientist Carlos Ferrada On Hercolubus, Planet-X, Nibiru (2/15/2014) 

Second Sun Spotted (9/15/2013)

Date10/10/2012 - Revolution Will Usher In NWO  Confirmation (Warning: ominous signs are beginning to take place)

U.S. Generals Calling For Forced Resignations In Government (11/25/2013)

Sides Are Forming For Coming Civil War (11/25/2013)

Pentagon Warns To Expect 'Radical' Change In U.S. Government Soon (10/5/2013)

Neville Johnson: "Civil War Coming To America" (8/8/2013)

Citizens from 15 States File Petition to Secede From United States (11/11/2012)

Citizens in 33 States File Petition to Secede From United States (11/13/2012)

40 States Join Petition to Secede From United States (11/13/2012)

Date:  9/18/2012 - Super De-Evaluation of the Dollar - "Update"

Date:  8/27/2012 - Isaac: Harbinger of Change  Confirmation (Note: also see Susan O'Marra's Vision of 3 Visitors)

Vision of 3 Visitors of 8/29/2012 (By Susan O'Marra Cummings)

Cheating Takes Place In The Republican National Convention (8/29/2012)

Republican Convention Rules Changes: How The Establishment Stole the GOP (8/30/2012)

Date:  5/16/2012 - Two Missiles Strike The Pentagon 

Date:  4/15/2012 - Jihadists Sent Back Causes Uproar  Confirmation 

Obama Orders The Release Of 5 Jihadists From GITMO (6/1/2014)  (Note: This is beginning to cause an uprar)

2 Jihadists Apprehended & Released Associated With Boston Marathon Bombing (4/17/2013) (Note: This happened exactly 1 year after)

The Obama Administration Weighing the Release of Blind Sheik (9/20/2012)

Blind Sheik Could Be Released by Obama (9/17/2012)

Obama Pondering Whether to Release Blind Sheik (9/20/2012)

2 Freed Jihadists Get Right Back to Terror Business (7/20/2012)

Date:  4/13/2012 - Blue Celestial Body Appears  Confirmation

Planet X Sighting (10/12/2015)

Close Call: Star Whizzed Past Our Solar System at a Distance of a Light Year (2/18/2015)

Super Earth Alien Planet Spotted By Ground Based Telescope For First Time (12/14/2014) 

Sibling Sun Found 110 Light Years Away (5/11/2014)

Blue Celestial Body Sightings (11/7/2012) 

Dr. Owuor's Vision of Several Moon Like Objects in Heaven (8/5/2012)

Blue Celestial Body Sightings (6/9/2012)

Earth's Second Moon Appears (5/1/2012)

Date:  3/7/2012 - Internal Glory Revealed  *

Date:  1/09/2012 - Virginia/Maryland Tsunami  Confirmation (Warning: ominous signs are beginning to appear).

FEMA Preparing For The Worst In Region 3 (8/17/2013)

Dr, Atkins Predicts Tsunami For US Northeast & Mid Atlantic East Coast (5/24/2013) 

East Coast Faces Variety of Tsunami Threats (11/16/2012)

Sandy's Devastation of Eastern Coast (11/3/2012)

Date:  8/27/2011 - The Day Of The Lord Is Upon Us  *

Date:  7/6/2011 - Big Brother Is Coming  Confirmation


When I arrived in Mexico for the mission trip, I noticed that the hotel where I stayed at in Cuernavaca for 1 night was using a biometrics system for employees who had access to certain rooms in the hotel.  Also, on trip back home when I arrived at the Houston Airport I had to go through Customs.  As I made my way through Customs I could see that they were using a palm biometrics recognition machine.  They were checking people for fingerprints as well as palm prints.  It is already here.

Received on 1/16/2012:

"Hi Bro Perez, I remember your vision about Big Brother coming. Well we received notice here in CT that we will each have our homes inspected....every room inside and out....supposedly by tax assessors! They have already knocked on our door and we turned them down because we were just leaving, but they will make an appt with us if or March.  I am sure they are making all sorts of notes in their documents! Never had this happen to us before here in the US...only if you need an assessment to sell or refinance. Thank you for sharing with us what the Lord gives you.  God bless you!"  Jane Doe (Name was changed to protect her identity).

NBC News: "All Americans Will Be Microchipped In Less Than 3 Years (1/3/2015)

New Executive Order Gives Govt. Power to Force Vaccine & RFID Chips (9/20/2014)

Master Card Rolls Out Orwellian National ID Card (9/7/2014)

Helsinki Airport Installs World's First Real Time Passenger Tracking System(7/30/2014) 

Engineers At Stanford Invent Wireless Power Transfer For Human Implantable RFID Chip (5/19/2014)

FBI Plans to Have 52 Million Photos in Facial Recognition Database By 2015 (4/16/2014)

Biometrics Being Implemented In College Campuses All Over America (3/16/2014)

MIT: Future Smartphones Will Listen to Everything All the Time (3/8/2014)

Huge Push To Start Tracking Children With Smart Technology (12/4/2013)

Global Facial Recognition Market Set For Ongoing Growth (11/28/2013)

Pulse Wallet Collaborates With Fujitsu To Offer Innovative, Secure, Paperless Solutions For POS Transactions (11/27/201)

Drug Carrying Nanoparticles That Can Be Taken Orally  (11/27/2013)

Samsung Files Patent For Smartphone Eye Scanner (11/25/2013)

Bank Of America Anticipates Biometric ID With ATM Security (11/13/2013)

Former DARPA Director Explains Beast Technology (11/12/2013)

RFID Microchip Explained  (11/12/2013)

Obamacare Troops Planning Home Visits (8/16/2013)

A Conquered People (Documentary) (6/25/2013)

Obama's Administration Massive Phone Record Collection (6/6/2013)

Spy Drone Can See What You Are Wearing From 17,500 Feet (1/31/2013)

New Face Recognition Surveillance System: 1 Second to Search Through 36 Million Faces  (3/26/2012)

Student RFID Chipping Conditions American Youth to Accept Government Surveillance (10/12/2012)

New Jersey Contracted RFID Evacuee Tracking Technology Just Days Before Sandy Formed (11/5/2012)

Obama Signs Executive Order Merging Homeland Security With Private Sector (11/7/2012)

Petraeus Case Shows FBI's Authority to Read Mail (11/12/2012)

The Microchip and the Mark of the Beast (2013-2014)

Date:  6/7/2011 - A Big Volcanic Eruption  Confirmation 

Anak Krakatau Erupts  (4/7/2012)

Anak Krakatau Eruptions Images (2012)

Anak Krakatau Eruptions Information (2012)

Anak Krakatau Eruptions Video (2012)

Date:  5/28/2011 - The Spiral  Confirmation  

Bright Spiral Seen Over Israel (6/8/2012)

Spiral Lights Seen Over Lebanon and Syria (6/9/2012)

Spiral Over Norway (12/11/2009)

Norway Type Spiral Seen Over China (12/16/2009)

Norway Spiral and Ancient Petroglyphs (12/9/2009)

Date1/07/2011 - Nuclear Attack  Confirmation (Note: ominous signs are taking place)

Undetected Russian Nuclear Sub Patrolled the Gulf of Mexico (8/15/2012)

Russian Nuclear Sub Was in the Gulf of Mexico For a Month

Iran, Russia, China and Syria to Launch Biggest Wargame in Middle East (6/18/2012)

China Fired Missile Seen in Southern California (11/11/2010)

China Fired Missile Seen Over California Coast (11/11/2010)

Russian Bomber Intercepted As Obama Visited Canada (2/27/2009)

Date12/29/2010 - United Nations Event  Confirmation

U.N. Faces Showdown Over Vote on Palestinian Statehood  - 9/14/2011

Palestinian U.N. Vote:  What is it? Why Now? - 9/15/2011

Date:  12/15/2010 - God Will Protect His Own  *

Date:  11/09/2010 - Ubiquitous Darkness

Date:  4/30/2010 - Flood Map  Confirmation (Note: Ominous Signs Are Taking Place)

East Coast Faces Variety of Tsunami Threats  11/16/2012

Date:  4/28/2010 - Fire Balls Falling  Confirmation

Huge Fireball Lights Up Sky Over Bangkok (9/7/2015)

Multiple Meteor Strikes in Iran (8/1/2015)  (2)

Another Massive Rock to Fly Past Earth (6/15/2015)

Fireball Seen Over Russia (4/9/2015)

NASA Captures Giant Fireball Over Pittsburgh (2/18/2015)

Giant Asteroid To Whip Past Earth (1/22/2015)

Massive Light Flash Over The Urals Stuns Local Scientists (11/18/2014)

Scientists Say Chelyabinsk Asteroid Hit Another Asteroid First (5/23/2014)

NBC News: Asteroids Striking Earth More Often Than We Think (4/22/2014)

Meteor Lights Up Sky In Northern Russia (4/22/2014)

Fireball Seen Over Saltillo, Nuevo Leon, Monterrey y Guadalupe, Mexico (1/14/2014)

Fireballs Being Reported All Over The World (12/28/2013)

Bright Meteor Lights Up Iowa Skies (12/26/2013)

Mysterious Object Falls From Sky San Diego (12/20/2013) 

Meteors Seen Across Arizona; Loud Boom Heard (12/10/2013)

U.S. And Russia May Team Up To Use Weapons Against Asteroids (10/16/2013)

A Dangerous Game Of Cosmic Roulette 10/6/2013

Giant Fireball Hits Off Coast Of Zamboanga, Philippines 10/3/2013

4 Meteors Seen Over U.S. Skies In Last 24 Hours; More Coming 5/19/2013

Meteors Seen Over Central Cuba - 2/16/2013

Meteor Hits Russian Urals: Fireball Explosion Wreaks Havoc - 2/15/2013

Meteorite Explodes Over Russia: 1,000 People Injured - 2/15/2013

Russian Meteor Blast Is The Largest Since 1908 - 2/15/2013

Burning Meteor Lights Up Australian Sky 7/2/2012

Rare, Unexplained Daytime Fireball Scorches Texas Sky - 4/10/2012

4 Asteroids Strike Earth Within A Year And Media Covers It Up - 2/11/2011

Meteor Fireball Seen From Mexico To San Diego - 9/10/2010

Meteor Impacts Santander, Colombia - 9/5/2010

Date: 2/25/2010 - Darkness Coming

Date:  10/15/09 - Biometrics Coming  Confirmation

Biometric Banking, Voice Verification and Facial Recognition Technology: Future of Security (10/11/2015)

Welcome to the Biometrics Age (10/5/2015)

California Rolls Out Full Time Maximum Surveillance Monitoring (3/10/2014)

Disney To Use Hyper Invasive RFID Tracking Tracking Technology On People (3/10/2014)

Implantable RFID Chip And The Mark Of The Beast - 2/26/2014

Palm Scanner Technology to be Implemented in Schools & Hospitals - 11/25/2012

Use of RFID Technology to Become Mandatory in US Food Stamp Program - 6/11/2012

ATM Biometrics Coming to a Corner Store Near You - 8/24/2012

India Implements First Biometric ID Program For All of Its 1.2 Billion Residents - 1/12/2012

Biometric Security Measures Coming to Southern Border Crossing - 9/29/2011

Biometrics Coming to San Francisco Gyms - 10/5/2010

Date:  9/19/09 - A Monster Hurricane Confirmation (Ominous signs appearing)

Study Reveals Possibility of Hurricanes Unlike Anything You Have Seen In History (8/31/2015)

Date:  8/23/09 - Three Celestial Bodies  Confirmation

Planet X Sighting (10/12/2015)

Super Earth Alien Planet Spotted By Ground Based Telescope For First Time (12/14/2014) 

Rivers Turning Blood Red All Over The World (4/30/2014)

3 Bright Objects Seen From Plane Over Australia (5/28/2012)

Death Star Seen With 7 Other Objects Around It (5/15/2012)

Moon Chasing The Sun At South Pole (3/30/2012)

Avebury Crop Circle Showing Three Celestial Objects (9/7/2008)

Date:  8/02/09  Tsunami Flooding  Confirmation  (Ominous prophetic signs are appearing)

East Coast Faces Variety of Tsunami Threats (11/16/2012)

Date:  6/08/09 - The Vicious Wolves

Date:  2/09/09 - Terrorist Act Planned  Confirmation  (Many warning signs now appearing)

22 Confirmed Islamic Training Terror Camps Inside America (1/13/2015) 

Four Terrorists Captured On US/Mexican Border (9/17/2014)

Confirmed Terror Training Camps On U.S. Soil (9/14/2014)  (2)

Republicans Worried That ISIS Fighters Are Coming Through Mexico (9/17/2014)

ISIS Entering US Through The Southern Border (9/16/2014)

Jim Garrow: 'Muslim Terrorists To Unleash Shopping Mall Bombing Attacks On America' (7/25/2014)

High Tech Liquid Explosives Found in Lebanon (3/1/2007)

Date:  1/29/09 - Super De-Evaluation of U.S. Dollar Confirmation (Evidence increasing that this Is imminent)

Analyst: "U.S. Dollar Dying As Tensions Over Kiev Heat Up" (4/18/2014)

Russia Threatens To Abandon US Dollar & Start Dumping US Debt (3/4/2014)

Russia Warns Of Dropping US Dollar As Reserve Currency If Sanctions Are Imposed (3/4/2014)

China Starts To Make A Power Move Against U.S. Dollar (2/20/2014)

Bank Of America Warns: "U.S. Dollar Is In Trouble (2/16/2014)

Stock Market Eerily Following Same Pattern Of Bull Market Before 1929 Crash (2/11/2014)

Richard Russell: Stock Market Is On Edge Of A Crash (2/3/2014)

The Dollar Collapse & WW3 (6/22/2013)

Obama Administration Agenda to Kill US Dollar (4/1/2013)

U.S. Dollar to Be Devalued By 33% (2/7/2012)

New Global Currency to Be Announced (1/2/2012)

Date:  1/22/09 - Large Tsunami Hits Cuba  Confirmation  (Note:  Signs beginning to appear)

East Coast Faces a Variety of Tsunami Threats (11/16/2012)

Date:  12/23/08 - The Strong Hot Wind 

Date:  11/18/08 - Revival Fires in America  Confirmation (Note: Signs are beginning to appear; Best is yet to come)

Date:  4/27/08 - Many UFO's In Heaven  Confirmation (Sightings of UFO's continues to increase; Disclosure coming soon)

UFO Sightings Compilation Video For 2013 (1/28/2014)

Mexican Government Reveals Mayan Documents Proving Extraterrestrial Contact (12/18/2013)

UFO Fleet Crosses Seoul, South Korea (8/18/2011)

UFO Fleet Over Bulgaria (6/5/2011)

UFO Fleet Over London, England (7/9/2010)

Date:  4/01/08 - Time to Come Into Alignment   Confirmation (A now Word from the LORD)

Date:  3/29/08 - Explosions In U.S. Cities  Confirmation(Note: Ominous Signs beginning to appear) 

Jim Garrow: 'Muslim Terrorists To Unleash Shopping Mall Bombing Attacks On America' (7/25/2014)
6/12/07 - The Coming Glory Cloud

Date:  1/04/07 - Do You Know What Time It Is?

Date:  10/11/06 - The Empty Grocery Shelves   Confirmation  (Note: Warning signs are beginning to appear everywhere)

Food Prices Surge As Drought Exacts High Toll On Crops (3/18/2014)

Global Warming Taking A Toll On Economy, Health & Crops (11/4/2013)
Date:  6/28/06 - The Pole Shift  Confirmation  (Note: This is only a precursor; major pole shift coming just before the Day of the LORD)

Planet X Sighting (10/12/2015)

Pole Shift Of The Moon Captured on Film (3/10/2012)

Pole Shift Evidence (1/4/2012)

Date:  6/12/2006 - The Lions And The Beasts  Confirmation (Signs Appearing Everywhere)

Is This the End of Christianity in the Middle East? (7/22/2015)

Christians in India Continue to Live in Fear (5/27/2015)

Faith Turns Christians Into Terrorist Targets (4/24/2015)

ISIS Executes More Christians in Libya (4/20/2015)  (2)

The New Exodus: Christians Flee ISIS in the Middle East (3/26/2015)

Iraq's Christians Persecuted  by ISIS (3/22/2015)

Christians Thrown Overboard Left to Drown by Obama (4/21/2015)

The Escalating Persecution of Christians in the Middle East (3/13/2015)

ISIS Savages Beheading Twenty One Coptic Christians (2/15/2015)

Open Doors Report: "Worst Christian Persecution in Over Twenty Years" (1/8/2015) 

ISIS Crucifixion of Children Could Lead to Christian Holocaust (8/12/2014)

ISIS Beheading Children, Killing Christians (8/8/2014)  (2)  (3)  (4)  (5)  (6)

Date:  3/25/2006 - The End of Times  Confirmation (Signs are everywhere)

Planet X Sighting (10/12/2015)


U.S. Scientists: Weather Is Going Mad" (6/21/2015)


ISIS Systematically Beheading Children in Christian Genocide (8/7/2014)

CERN To Attempt Big Bang (2/9/2015)

Strange New 2014 Addition to Georgia Guidestones (9/23/2014)

Year Of Messiah's Arrival Given (12/2/2012)

Date:  1/20/06 - The Double Portion Outpouring  Confirmation (Beginning to Happen)

Date:  12/29/05 - The Tsunami  

Date:  2/9/05 -The City of Chicago Destroyed

Date:  10/24/04 -The Vision of the Silver Rain  *

3/30/04 -The Vision of the Three Stars  Confirmation  (Note: This vision deals with the Day of the LORD; ominous signs appearing)

Planet X Sighting (10/12/2015)

Super Earth Alien Planet Spotted By Ground Based Telescope For First Time (12/14/2014) 

3 Objects Seen From a Plane Flying Over Australia (5/28/2012)

Bright Star Seen With Seven Other Objects Around it (5/15/2012)

A Star In Sky Will Announce The Arrival Of Maitreya (9/17/2009)

CNN Commercial: "Bright Star Will Announce The Emergence Of Maitreya" 12/21/2011) 

Avebury Crop Circle Showing 3 Celestial Objects (9/7/2008)

Date:  9/06/01 - The Great Shaking

10/25/00 -The Vision of the Two Cows  Confirmation

Wall Street Market Crash of 2008 (12/19/2008)

2000-2006 Real State Boom & Subsequent 2008 Recession (6/5/2011)

Date9/11/95 - The Vision of UFO's Escorted by Military Planes  Confirmation

Cloud Like UFO Seen Captured Above New York City (7/5/2015)


Giant UFO Releasing Small Orbs Over Cleveland (7/4/2015)


Texas UFO Cube and Portal Sighting (7/1/2015)


UFO Sighting With Orbs & Orange Lights in El Paso, TX (4/14/2015)


UFO Pyramid Seen Over Hong Kong (12/28/2013)


UFO Pyramid Filmed by Many Over Shanghai (11/06/2011)


UFO Pyramid Seen Over Moscow (12/10/2009)

Mexican Government Reveals Mayan Documents Proving Extraterrestrial Contact (12/18/2013)

UFO Escorted by US Military Near Oklahoma State Line (12/15/2011)

Two US Fighter Jets Escorting UFO (8/14/2011)