Honduras is a beautiful country located in Central America.  The country is bordered to the west by Guatemala, to the southwest by El Salvador, to the southeast by Nicaragua, to the south by the Pacific Ocean at the Gulf of Fonseca, and to the north by the Gulf of Honduras, a large inlet of the Caribbean Sea.  Its size is just over 112,000 km2 with an estimated population of almost eight million. Its capital is Tegucigalpa.  Its northern portions are part of the Western Caribbean Zone.

     The Lord has given us a love for this country and the people of God who live there.  Every time we go there, we are received with open arms and a true genuine love.  The Honduran people are a humble people, but at the same time have a tremendous hunger for the things of God and are fiercely devoted to Him.   Although we have been to Honduras in the past many times, we returned after two years in January 2011 to continue to work with the Churches in the northern part of Honduras near San Pedro Sula. 

     In the past, we have also been to the southern part of Honduras to the city of Comayagua near the Capital of Tegucigalpa, to work with a small number of churches there as well.  We would like to go back there in the future to continue to help them in the work they are trying to do there. If God deals with you about helping with this mission field please contact us, or you can make a donation using Paypal right on this website in the Donate page.  I want to thank those of you who continue to support us financially as well as with your prayers.  Without you, we would not be able to do the things that we do.  You have a part in all the souls that we win for the Kingdom of God, as well as all the people that we help.  May the Father of Lights continue to bless you and protect you in all your ways in the days to come.

In Christ,

Augusto Perez

Acts 2:41-42:  "Then they that gladly received his word were baptized: and the same day there were added unto them about three thousand souls. And they continued steadfastly in the apostles' doctrine and fellowship, and in breaking of bread, and in prayers."



In the month of April I went back to the beautiful nation of Honduras to continue the work we have been doing there for the last ten years.  The LORD supplied the finances once again to go on the trip and do what He needed me to do.  This trip, as the ones before, was extremely fruitful as many souls were saved, healed, set free and filled with the Holy Spirit.  The weather was much hotter than usual, as they were experiencing a drought that made things much worse.  I started to pray for rain when I first got there, and on the last night of my stay there a powerful thunderstorm came through La Lima bringing abundant rains and winds in excess of sixty miles per hour, immediately dropping the temperatures about twenty degrees. 

During my time in Honduras, I stayed in MUNA in one of their facilities right below the home of Apostles Rigo and Emma Sosa.  The precious people there will go out of their way to make me feel at home.  They are so sweet and dear to the Father's heart.  I have to be careful what I say because they will try to get for me whatever my heart desires.  There is this tropical fruit which I love "Mamey", and the last time I was there I had mentioned it to them.  Well, this time around they bought several "Mameyes" so I could eat them at breakfast.  I had my fill of them.

On Friday, the day after my arrival in La Lima, I was invited to Chicken Lima to do a devotional with the employess early in the morning before they started their day's work.  There were over twenty employees already praying when we arrived.  I shared with them for a while about the Kingdom of God and how it pertains to life in general.  They were glued to their seats as they listened intently.  Afterwards, the owners Martin and Rosario Cruz took me to their home to have breakfast with them and a sweet time of fellowship.


Then on Friday evening, we went to minister at Iglesia Comunidad De Amor in San Pedro Sula with Pastors Remo and Rosa Bardales.  The children there were already at the altar worshipping the LORD with banners.  I shared a message from the Word of God as the people were fed Hidden Manna.  Many were healed and ministered to as they came to the altar for prayer. 




On Saturday afternoon, we went to Colonia 7 De Abril, in the mountains on the City of Progreso where they are trying to start a church.  Sister Mirlen Ramos, the Pastor who started the church in Flores de Oriente, rounded up the people and invited them to come to the meeting.  Although they had been going to this area praying and talking to the people, this was the first meeting that was held there.  We bought snacks, drinks and sodas for over fifty children and their parents.  This area is one of the stomping grounds for the youth gangs there.  Many murders and terrible crimes have been commmitted there in the past, and the atmosphere had to be cleansed beforehand through extensive spiritual warfare. 

I shared the word of God with them in simplicity, demonstrating the love of the Father for them.  Some of the people were very hungry for the Word of God and listened very intently as I was sharing the Kingdom of God with them.  Some of the people heard the gospel for the first time in their lives.  Several of the people needed healing in their bodies as well as emotional healing.  After the meeting was over, many people came to us asking for us to do this type of meetings more often.  The children were so happy to be there.  It blessed me to know that we were able to bring a moment of happiness into the lives of these children.  I could tell that this was something that they will remember for the rest of their lives.   






On Sunday morning I ministered at the  MUNA General Assembly where all the daughter churches gather weekly to worship God and listen to a word from Heaven.  All the fivefold ministries are present at this meeting (apostles, prophets, pastors, evangelists and teachers) and they are hungry for divine Kingdom revelation from the word of God.  These precious people know their Bible, and have a sharp discernment when it comes to spiritual things.  In the meeting we had several people receive deliverance, healing as well as divine direction for their lives.  I shared a strong word from the Bible dealing with the reality of the spiritual realm as it intersects the natural realm.  Everyone was blessed beyond measure.    




On Sunday afternoon I went to minister at Rhema Church in La Lima with Pastor Perelló.  This is one of the sons in the ministry of Apostles Emma and Rigo Sosa.  He is so hungry for the apostolic and prophetic ministry and peppered me with many questions throughout the evening. The hunger in these people have a tendency to draw revelation and grace out of you.  This church has more young people than adults which is not a bad thing.  Many of them were so hungry for God that they started crying in His Presence whenever I was ministering to them.  You can tell they really love the LORD.  There were some of them that needed emotional healing and deliverance.  Many came forward to repent before God and receive their healing.  




On Monday we went to Hefziba Church in Colonia Flores De Oriente, one of the poorest areas in Northern Honduras.  This is the same place we went to for the first time in 2011 (See Honduras Mission Trip 2011) whenever they had started to witness to the people there.  Back then there was no church built there yet, as we gathered in a small rustic concrete block building to minister to the people.  Three years later they have built a nice church facility, as well as a dining room to feed the children.  Pastor Mirlen Ramos is doing a wonderful work pastoring these people, as well as the group in the colony 7 de Abril.  We support her financially every time we go to Honduras so she may continue to do the work she is doing.  

Last time when I was there she said that we had helped them to have a breakthrough in the area of worship.  On this trip when we asked what was the greatest need, she told me that the greatest need in the church was for the people to be filled with the Holy Spirit.  That night we taught the people on how to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit.  The children all sat on the floor right in front of me.  They watched me closely everything that I said.  When the message was concluded, I asked for everyone who was thirsty and hungry to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit to come forward.  Most of the church came forward with great hunger.  You could say that at least a dozen people received the baptism of the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in other tongues as the Spirit gave them utterance.  Some of them were so drunk that they could not stay on their feet.  




On tuesday morning we ministered to the children in Sonshine Academy.  When we asked the director of the School Prophet Oscar Rodriguez how the kids were doing, he mentioned to me that they needed to have an impact from heaven.  I performed a couple of the songs from one of our music CD's and then ministered to them.  They were glued to their chairs as we shared with them about heaven and the Kingdom of God.  At the end, I asked if there was anyone present who had a dream or vision from God. 

This small boy raised his hand and I asked him to step forward.  As he shared in Spanish his experience, you could hear a pin drop in the auditorium.  He had a powerful encounter with Jesus Christ, similar to the encounter a girl had with the LORD last year in the other school Patria that we visited.  After he was finished, I gave an altar call and all the students came forward repenting of their sins and confessing Jesus Christ as their LORD and Savior.  Prayer went forth for all of them as they were repenting at the altar.  Some of them were crying and you could tell that the testimony of this young boy had impacted them for real.  We gave out several music CD's to some of the students who had participated throughout the meeting.  



Finally, later that Tuesday morning we left with Bro. Martin on a two hour trip to the city of Siguatepeque in Southern Honduras to minister at Iglesia Piedras Vivas there.  The facilities used to be a children's Orphanage until recently.  It was attended by sister Alicia, an ex-Nun who was filled with the power of the Holy Ghost under the ministry of Apostle Emma Sosa.  She was present at the meeting and was deeply touched by the presence of the LORD who was strongly felt throughout our time there.  She gave me a tour of the large facilities and then we went to the room where the people met.  According to Pastor Guerra, this was their first official meeting there.  

After he ministered in music and worship, I shared a message "Washing Our Nets".  The presence of God was very strong.  I shared a prophetic word for them that Father gave me declaring that facility to be a place of refuge in the coming storm.  It is to become a self sufficient facility growing its own crops, trout farm and its own well and septic facilities.  There was complete silence as the message was given and an incredible great peace came down on that place.  Sister Alicia came forward for prayer and was visibly shaken and strengthened to continue the work of God there.  The next day we departed on our flight back home.    



     In the month of March while sitting in the yard praying and meditating on the LORD, I felt a soft gentle breeze come from the South as I heard in my spirit: 'Honduras'.  Knowing the voice of my Father, I knew it was time to go back to the nation of Honduras to do something He wanted me to do there.  As I began to prepare for the trip, I asked the LORD to confirm this trip by His Spirit.  All the doors seemed to swing wide open as my Heavenly Father supplied all the finances to do what He had asked me to do.  This was one of the most fruitful trips we have ever made to that nation as I will explain later.

     However, the trip was not without its moments of concern.  During my whole time in Honduras, I stayed in MUNA in one of their facilities right below the home of Apostles Rigo and Emma Sosa.  One afternoon as I was having lunch with them in their home, I felt a rumbling under my feet.  At first I thought it was some heavy equipment traveling on the road or maybe thunder.  That notion was quickly dispelled as a few moments later the house began to sway left to right.  This lasted for a few seconds as I let out a loud "JESUS".  Later we found out a 5.5 magnitude earthquake had taken place four miles from San Juan Pueblo, a town in northern Honduras.  No casualties were reported.

     On Friday, the day after I arrived in San Pedro Sula, we ministered at Piedras Vivas with Pstor Elias & Abie Rodriguez and had a wonderful service as we ministered the word of the LORD and the message He had given me.  As always, the people there were very hungry and eager to receive the word from God.  The spirit of revelation was flowing very strong in that service as the people were receiving and rejoicing.  On Saturday afternoon the LORD opened a tremendous door so we could go to Patria High School in La Lima and talk to the parents of the students that attend there.  I spoke to them about the need to bring God into their homes and establish a biblical foundation in their homes.  I had an opportunity to pray for them and lead them into a prayer of salvation and restoration.  Many of the parents were healed of bitterness and resentment as they were touched by the presence of God in their midst.





     On Sunday morning we ministered at MUNA General Assembly where all their daughter churches along with their pastors were present.  As always we had a great meeting in the Holy Ghost.  The saints there really know how to worship the Father and dance in His presence.  There was a spirit of rejoicing and thanksgiving in the house.  That morning we delivered the second part of the message that we delivered on Friday night.  After the message, an invitation was given for those that needed and wanted prayer to come forward to receive it. 

     Many came repenting and crying as the LORD moved upon His people in a wonderful way.  Several were healed, many others were touched by the power of God.   There was also much healing taking place in the hearts of the people dealing with personal issues in their lives.  Both young and old received an impartation that morning from the presence of the Father. 



     On Sunday evening we traveled to Villanueva and ministered in a church there.  The people were ready to receive from the Lord as we delivered a word from the LORD to that church.  Those that received it came forward for prayer.  Many were healed by the power of God and others were delivered from demonic oppression.  Many of the children and young people came up to receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and the LORD did not disappoint them.  There was a wonderful move of the Spirit of God in that place.





     On Monday we ministered on what it meant to be a mentor to a the group EPAN under the capable leadership of Oscar and Iona Rodriguez.  It was such a blessing to spend that evening with that precious group of men and women.  Afterwards we met with a group of visiting pastors and ministers who had traveled there that week from several countries for the CAPI Conference (Intensive Training of Apostles and Prophets).  We had a wonderful time as we broke bread in sweet fellowship.  

     On Tuesday morning we ministered to the students of Sonshine School in MUNA.  We did a couple of songs for them from our CDs and then talked to them about their identity in Christ Jesus.  We asked them questions and interacted with them throughout the meeting.  After we were finished, we gave out several CDs to some of the students that were there.  Later that morning we taught a session at CAPI on the topic of "Prophetic Intercessory Prayer".  They were very hungry and receptive to everything that was being imparted.


     Later that same day, we visited the Colony "Flores de Oriente" in La Lima, one of the poorest areas in Northern Honduras, where we had been two years ago.  They have already built a new building, and are now beginning construction of a soup kitchen and a clinic.  The LORD is blessing them and supplied all the materials and workers free of charge.  The drinking water there is still contaminated, and the water pressure is barely enough to meet the needs of the people.   We donated $300 towards the building of the new soup kitchen. It is not much, but I know it will be a blessing to the people there.  We would like to help with the water situation there by drilling a new well, and helping them with the drinking water.  Hopefully this will be made possible by others joining together with us to help in this cause.  Please pray that the LORD supplies someone who has a well drilling rig to drill a water well for these people.    

     The pastor of Hefzi-Ba Church Mirlen Ramos told us that the greatest spiritual need the church had was for the people to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit so we preached on that topic and gave an altar call for those who wanted to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit.  Many came up for prayer, and LORD baptized most of the ones that came, although many of them were young people.  The Father is doing something special in Honduras with the young people.




     On Wednesday morning we went back to Patria High School to minister to the young people in music and the word.  However, as I was about to read the word, the LORD laid on my heart to share my testimony with them. After I was finished, I asked if there was anyone present who had an experience with God in the form of a dream or vision.  A girl in the back raised her arm and I asked her to come to the front. She came forward reluctanctly as she was shy.  When she began to speak, the atmosphere in the room changed as she shared about her encounter with the LORD. 

     In her experience, catastrophic events were taking place all over the city.  Huge sinkholes were opening up and swallowing people, and flames of fire were coming up out of the ground.  As these things were taking place, chariots of fire began appearing and the elect began to board them.  The moment they boarded the chariot of fire they were transformed into angels.  She said that they their clothes was shining white light.  Then she saw that Jesus was crying; when she asked Him why, He told her that there was not anything He could do about the people that were falling into the cracks in the earth with fire coming out of them.  He told her that He had tried to warn them many times, but they would not listen.

    She said that many of the people tried to get on the chariots of fire but were not able to due to the cracks opening up on the earth.  When she finished sharing her testimony, I gave an altar call for those who wanted to give their heart to Jesus.  Close to twenty girls came forth to be prayed for.  As I prayed for them, many of them started weeping and sobbing uncontrollably.  I gave those that came forth several of our Music CDs that we took with us.  In total we gave out about thirty CDs to the young people in Honduras.  As I was leaving, a few young men also came up to me for prayer and to tell me that the LORD was dealing with them to surrender their hearts to Him.  It was wonderful what the LORD did in that school.  I was given a Diploma of Acknowledgment for all the work that I have done in the School Patria over the years.




On the evening of the same day, we traveled to Progreso to minister in a church there.  We delivered the message the Father had given us and gave an altar call to pray for the needs of the people.  Many came up for prayer and the LORD touched many of their infirmities.  The people were so hungry for the word of God and His presence.



                 HONDURAS MISSION TRIP 2011

     In the month of January we went back to Honduras on a mission trip.  We have been going to Honduras for several years now.  We have been working with MUNA and Apostles Rigo and Emma Sosa during our trips there, and stayed in their Church facilities.  We ministered on Friday night at Piedras Vivas with Pastor Elias Rodriguez and had a tremendous presence of God as we delivered a word from the Lord.  People were very hungry and stayed for a long time after the service was over.  On Sunday morning we ministered at MUNA with several of their daughter churches present along with their pastors (See photos below). 

     We had a tremendous time in the Lord as the people worshipped the Lord and danced in His presence.  That morning we delivered the second part of the message from God we gave on Friday night.  Many of the people were impacted, but especially the young people.  Most of the young people came up to the altar for prayer without anyone really asking them to.  Many of them were genuinely repenting and crying before the Lord.  There is a move of God in all the world among the youth right now.



     On Sunday night we went to the city of Progreso and ministered there in a church pastored by Magdiel Aranda.  The church is under a permanent tent.  Above you can see a shot of the people worshipping the Lord.  We had a great move of the spirit that night with many healed, saved and filled with the Holy Spirit. On Tuesday morning we ministered to the students of Sunshine School in MUNA.  We did a couple of songs for them from our CDs and then talked to them about their identity in Christ Jesus.  We asked them questions and interacted with them throughout the meeting.  We also had the opportunity to pray for them during altar call.  After we were finished, we gave out several CDs to some of the students that were there (See photos below).


     On Tuesday night we ministered in Villanueva with Pastor Jacobo Cuello.  He has a large church of approximately 2,000 people. We ministered a word from the Lord and then prayed for many of the people present.  Many were healed, delivered, saved and filled with the Holy Spirit.  On Wednesday morning, the Lord placed a burden on me to go visit the colony of Flores de Oriente in La Lima, one of the poorest areas in Northern Honduras.  The drinking water there is contaminated, and the water pressure is barely enough to meet the needs of the people.  There are around 500 children there and many of them as you can see below live in extreme, abject poverty.



     One of the members of MUNA Mirlene Ramos was burdened by the Lord to start visiting this colony, along with several others, and began to gather the people to teach them about the gospel of Jesus Christ.  She also helps the widows and orphans, as well as the destitute poor of the colonies with food, medicine and clothing. 




     We gave Mirlene 5,167 Limpiras (national currency), which is close to the equivalent of $300 in US dollars to help the widows and orphans who are in desperate need.  It is not much, but I know it will be a blessing to the people there.  We would like to help with the water situation in some of those colonies by drilling new wells, and helping them with the drinking water.  Hopefully this will be made possible by others joining together with us to help in this cause.     

     Finally on Wednesday night we went to minister at Piedras Vivas of San Pedro Sula pastored by Remo & Rosita Bardales.  We delivered a word from God under a strong presence of God.  Many were impacted by God during that service as His presence was so strong.   Then on Thursday afternoon we ministered in a special event conducted on the campus of MUNA Ministries.  There were many unsaved parents of the school children visiting.  That night we also gave out several of our CDs to the children who were attending.