A Strange Dream


"I was a part of a large event.  It was some type of sporting event or some other type of event where a large number of people were present.  As I was sitting among the crowd of people, the time came for the National anthem to be played.  As everyone rose to listen to the national anthem being played, I rose with them expecting to hear the United States National Anthem.  However, what I heard playing instead was the National Anthem of England.  When I heard this, I was totally dumbfounded, confused and at the same time startled.  When this happened I woke up."


I do not know if this was symbolic, prophetic or a combination of both.  I am still praying to the LORD for more clarity about it.  The more I have prayed and asked the Father for discernment, the more I have come to believe that this is in fact something that is taking place right now in this nation.  Something is happening in the political and economic arenas where the sovereignty of this nation is coming under the control of tbe Queen of England and all its minions.  I do not know how this has come about or to what extend this will be as it was not explained to me.  However, we know from history that the United States of America was once under the tyranical rule of England during the time of the Great British Empire. 

Again, this is something that was totally unexpected to me.  Maybe this dream has something to do with the vision I had in October of 2012.  Just like this nation once had to fight a revolutionary war to free itself from the tyranny of British rkule, it may have to bear arms once again to set itself free from the clutches of the Queen of England, the banksters and all its other evil demonic minions.  Either way, the true meaning of this dream may soon be revealed as many different things are getting ready to take place on the face of planet Earth.   We will not have to wait much longer for the meaning and fulfillment of many of the visions shared on this website.  Shalom.  

Job 33:14-16:  "For God speaks once, Yes twice, though man pays no attention. In a dream, in a vision of the night, When deep sleep falls on men, In slumbering on the bed; Then he opens the ears of men, and seals their instruction."